Aliexpress Review
Aliexpress review
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Aliexpress review : Aliexpress is the greatest internet merchant of all products from China. If you do not know this website yet, we invite you to take a tour :

In fact, Aliexpress is a real cavern of Alibaba, you can find there anything and everything. And the best part is, that prices challenge all competitors, all this via a totally secure platform and that has already satisfied millions of users across the planet.

However, nothing is perfect, and some points deserve attention. For example, the delivery times, or the reliability of the sellers. We make a full point about all you need to know about Aliexpress in this article “Aliexpress Review”.

Payments on Aliexpress

Unfortunately Paypal is not available on Aliexpress, but many totally secure payment methods are available. We advise you to pay with your credit card.

Here are the available payment methods :

  • By credit card Visa or Mastercard
  • Webmoney, Alipay or Qiwi Wallet
  • Western Union
  • Bank transfer
  • Check

Warning: to avoid all risks we strongly advise you to pay via Aliexpress and never directly to sellers.

Do customs fees apply to Aliexpress ?

First thing to know is that no customs fees are applicable for a product under 150€. You can place an order at 300 € with 3 products of 100 € each, you do not have to worry.

In case your product exceeds 150 € you can have 20% tax to pay when receiving your package, this is relatively rare.

But be aware that tens of thousands of products from China come in every day. Customs can not control everything, it focuses mainly on large quantities, counterfeits and prohibited products.

How to avoid risks?

  1. Avoid counterfeit products as much as possible for a legitimate purchase (Counterfeit products at your own risk!)
  2. Prefer essentially the sending by China Post AirMail or Aliexpress Shipping, because DHL and other private carriers have obligations to add VAT and are more likely to be checked by customs.
  3. Order in small quantities! (The shipping costs are very often free, so enjoy it)
  4. More and more Aliexpress products are now available in European warehouses. This will make you avoid any problems of customs or VAT. In addition your parcels will be delivered faster, so privilege these products.

In summary, Aliexpress customs fees are clearly not a problem, you can order with confidence.

Aliexpress Review & Delivery Times

Delivery times are relatively long, which is quite normal since the majority of products come from China.

In fact, count at least 10 days to receive your product ordered with the free delivery cost. The majority of the products arrive between 2 and 4 weeks once the payment accepted.

Aliexpress website has set a maximum limit of 2 months for merchants under penalty of automatic refund for the customer which is a non-negligible guarantee.

The delivery time depends very much on the time of processing of the order, on the part of the seller. So feel free to check out the reviews and product ratings, this will let you know more. Moreover, do not hesitate to contact him if necessary, preferably in English.

And more and more products are now available from European warehouses which considerably shorten delivery times.

Reliability & Protection of the buyer


The question comes up fairly regularly, is Aliexpress a reliable site or not? Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba group, which, like Wish or Amazon is one of the world leaders in e-commerce! Tens of thousands of orders are made on the site daily without any problems. Obviously small concerns can happen. But Aliexpress does everything to protect consumers better, thanks to a dispute management service between buyers and sellers very efficiently managed by the site itself. See buyer’s protection below.


Aliexpress has set up a buyer protection system. To know everything, we strongly advise you to consult this page to be aware of your rights in case of dispute : Buyer’s protection. Aliexpress reimburses you in full in case you do not receive your product in exceptional cases or you buy counterfeit products (see page: aliexpress brand).

In case the product received does not conform to the description of the product you ordered. The first advice you are given is to take pictures because you will probably be asked for these proofs in the rest of the procedure. The next step, if you are in this case, is to contact the seller in order to find a solution directly with him. If the seller is honest no worries, he will refund you or send you the right product again. In case the seller is not cooperative, Aliexpress offers you the possibility of opening a dispute. Aliexpress will then act as mediator and judge between you and the merchant. You will be asked at this time for proof of your dissatisfaction and Aliexpress is committed to obtaining you a refund in the event that your complaint is justified.

Please note that when ordering, a countdown of up to 40 days, depending on the product ordered, will start and correspond to the deadline for opening a dispute.

Some products to avoid on Aliexpress

Some products are to be avoided on Aliexpress. Above all, you have to use common sense and avoid products that involve safety or health risks. Here is a small list of items to avoid :

  • cosmetics (some products are quality, see reviews)
  • baby products
  • perfumes
  • risky products for your own safety and those of your dwelling

Aliexpress Review Conclusion

Aliexpress is a very reliable and totally secure site. However, you should always pay attention to the ratings and reviews of each product before ordering, so as not to take any risk. The prices are unmatched and many deals are available to you. But it will sometimes be necessary to be patient because the vast majority of products are shipped from China.

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