How to find brands on Aliexpress?
Brands on Aliexpress
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The sellers on Aliexpress are not allowed to sell brands on Aliexpress. They are therefore not entitled to mention the name of an Aliexpress brand in the title of their product, in the description or on the photos.

However it is quite possible to find branded products on Aliexpress. And for this, different methods are applicable to find the product you are looking for.

The best way: Find brands on Aliexpress with Wishlist

Aliexpress users have created a wish list that brings together the products of each brand, and they are accessible to everyone. You will find all the products of the brand in question, currently available on Aliexpress.

The advantage of these products is that they are regularly updated, and all products that if found are actually accessible. They contain a maximum of 11 items, this is a limitation of Aliexpress. Even if the product you are looking for is not present, you will get links to sellers who may have what you want.

find brands on aliexpress

Here is a table combining the best of more than 100 different brands, you just have to click on the brand name to see the Wishlist. That is definetely the best way to fin brands on Aliexpress.

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Search by Aliexpress keywords or Acronym

Since sellers are not allowed to clearly display a brand name in their titles, they have found a solution to work around the problem.

In fact, this solution involves assigning a keyword or an acronym close to the brand’s original name. By entering this keyword in the search bar of Aliexpress you will find the brand you are looking for.

Also note that some vendors voluntarily hide the brand name on their photos, this does not mean that the product is not branded or defective.

For example for the Gucci brand, by typing “Double G” in the search bar you can find some Gucci product. However this technique is less and less effective, because Aliexpress blacklist more and more known keywords.

Links to Aliexpress ephemeral shops

Aliexpress has become very attentive to sellers who offer the Aliexpress brand. And he does not hesitate to directly remove a shop that sells the brand.

This is why many sellers regularly open shops selling clearly a brand name, knowing that it will only remain open for a few days.

This is why a community is set up, sharing daily links to these ephemeral shops.

Find all the links here !


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