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Joom Review
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Joom review: here is the new baby of e-commerce, but beware, it could make a name for itself. In fact, Joom like Wish (see: Wish review) is first developed through its mobile application, which is particularly very popular in Russia.. And just like Aliexpress (see: Aliexpress review) the products on Joom come all from China at prices defying all competition. What makes it different from Aliexpress in particular is that the site is well done with a good design and the translations are much better.

Joom review

Joom has launched its website, and it is available in English. So it starts attracting more and more people worldwide, so here is our opinion on Joom and all you need to know to order.

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Joom review on Delivery

The big plus point of Joom, is that unlike Wish, shipping charges are almost always free. So no unpleasant surprises on the price at the end of your order! Your order goes through several steps :

  1. You enter your shipping address and make the payment for your order
  2. You can cancel your order or change the shipping address within 8 hours of purchase
  3. 8 hours after the payment of your order, the information is transmitted to the seller
  4. The seller packs the merchandise, chooses his carrier, then ships the order
  5. The seller assigns a tracking number to your order, allowing you to track the delivery of the package on the site or the application.
  6. When the parcel arrives at the destination post office, you receive a notice of passage
  7. With this notice of passage and ID, you can go to the post office to pick up your merchandise.

The sellers have a maximum of 75 days to deliver the order. If the product is not delivered 75 days after the date of purchase, Joom will refund the full amount of your order. However, most orders take between 15 and 30 days to arrive, like Aliexpress. Unfortunately, the sellers send the products separately, even if they have been ordered together because your products are not necessarily ordered from the same seller.

Joom review, THE CARRIERS :

The seller chooses the carrier before sending the product. If the product is shipped, you will see its tracking number on the order page. Sellers who work with Joom often choose these carriers : …

Warranty & Refund: Joom Review

Joom delivers the product according to its description within 75 days of purchase. If you have not received the product within 75 days or if the product does not match its description, contact Joom. They will process your request and find a solution. On Joom, the solution is in favor of the customer in 90% of cases. You can contact them by pressing the icon at the top right, specify the subject of your request and talk to the support agents!

The refund may take up to 14 days from the cancellation date. In most cases, the amount is paid into your bank account 2-3 days after the cancellation. You may find more information in this other article about Joom

Terms of refund

You can get a full refund if :

  • More than 75 days have elapsed since the date of purchase and the product has not yet been delivered.
  • The quality of the product is considerably worse than what is seen in the description and it is impossible to consume the product properly.
  • You have changed your mind about the order within 14 days of delivery. In this case, you can return the merchandise to the seller. Do not forget to contact the technical support team to request the return address. Otherwise, Joom reserves the right to refuse your refund request. The refund is only made when proof of return shipping is presented to the technical agents. Joom does not participate in the costs of return, they will be at your expense.


For the moment, it is not possible. But you can always contact Joom’s agents by tapping the chat icon at the top right. To ensure the best customer experience, Joom offers technical support entirely in English, unlike Aliexpress. Joom makes every effort to find fair solutions to disputes between customers and sellers.

Payment methods

In order to settle your orders on Joom, only payment by credit card is accepted. Unfortunately, as on Aliexpress, payment by Paypal is not available. It seems that Joom has the ambition to offer different payment methods soon. However, payments on Joom are totally secure and therefore you have no risk when ordering on Joom.

What is a Store?

Joom is an intermediary between customers and sellers. Each Store on Joom represents a seller. Reviews on the Stores are reviews of products sold by this Store. Only users who have received their product can leave a review. The Store Score is the average of the scores for all products purchased in the Store. Only users who have received their product can rate it. If you liked the quality and delivery time of a product, add the Store to Favorites. The next time you place an order, you can easily find that Trusted Store. And sellers regularly renew the range of products in their stores. You can also read the reviews of previous buyers in the comments on the product datasheet. Many customers share pictures of the product they have received, which is very useful to make a little more of the quality of the product.

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    1. They are Asian sizes which are smaller than American and European sizes. A medium in an Asian size is like a small in American sizing. When Asian sizes are indicated, always order one or two sizes larger than you usually wear. For example, I wear a small U.S. size but wear a medium in Asian sizing. Also, measure your dimensions (bust, waist, and hips) and FOLLOW the size charts. They are handy..

  1. Just look up China shoes or clothing size chart. It will give the size with measurements just like the US and EU does. On average China is 2 to 3 sizes smaller than US sizes are so just bump your size up. Always look for the measurement guide for every single item first before buying. That should be done no matter what country you purchase clothing and shoes from. Every brand has their own size guideline it seems. Remember to give your own measurements a few cm unless you want it to be form fitting. I wear socks with some shoes so leave room for socks when determining which size to choose.

  2. I had a horrible experience with the Join customer service. I asked why only Russians win the daily giveaway (they have a winners list and the winners are all Russian). Joom’s customer support do not take criticism very well. They were very rude and extremely condescending. Not a good place if you have any problems about your orders. The merchandise itself is low quality (you get what you pay for). I have ordered dresses from them that were cheap, thin material and see-through. I will no longer buy anything from them.

  3. They are ridiculously slow I bought a Christmas gift for my secret santa co worker on Nov. 28 and I am still waiting on it. They say free delivery 9-20 days that is a joke!! If I wanted it February I would have requested that. They did not care I was embarrassed when I had to tell the women she has another gift someday!! Wish is much better eBay is better. If it’s a little more price pay it. It is not worth the crap you go through!

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