Vova review

Vova is a sales site that has appeared on the web for a few years. This site is now highly coveted by online sales enthusiasts. This is indeed a kind of online store from which you can make purchases of various items according to your needs. So, a number of hesitant people are asking questions about this site selling online. To get out of doubt, discover in this post all there is to know about Vova.

vova review

The origins of the sales website VOVA

Vova review
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Although this may seem trivial, some people originally rely on a website to be able to determine whether or not it is reliable. On this point, regarding the Vova online sales site, we remain puzzled about its origins. Indeed, after having researched this site on the web, we did not find any concrete information.

Neither on the official website of vova.com nor on other websites, we found the history of this sales platform. Thus, we can not say anything about the nationality of the site, its founders, its headquarters, etc. Moreover, despite the fact that its origins are unknown, it must be said that the Vova online sales platform is more or less reliable. Indeed, according to customer reviews, this is not a scam. So far, we can see that Vova has always delivered its products. It is also for this reason that it is already popular with users since its creation.

The interface

Regarding its interface, we can say that the Vova online sales site is satisfactory. It has been carefully designed to attract the attention of visitors and to quickly convert them into potential buyers. The interface of the Vova sales platform displays a simplistic and classic design.

Its great ease of use is one of its great advantages. You will find the menu bar directly at the top of the homepage. This allows you to view all categories of articles offered by the site. You can also use the search bar, which is next to the menu bar, in case you are looking for a particular item. On the platform’s homepage, you’ll find a list of the most-sold items of the moment and icons of flash-selling items.

Vova is also favored by the fact that the homepage and all the other pages of the platform are written in French, which is not generally the case for other competing sales sites. Prospective buyers therefore have less difficulty placing orders and understanding delivery and payment policies.

Articles available on Vova

On the Vova sales platform you will find a selection of items sorted under several categories. This e-commerce site allows you to make the purchase of various items. However, it must be said that Vova is best known for his fashion items for men and women. However, on this platform you will also find various other categories of articles such as:

  • Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Wellness and beauty products
  • Electronic devices
  • Baby items
  • Interior decoration items …

Moreover, the quality of Vova’s items makes customers undecided. According to customer reviews, items arrive in excellent condition. However, nothing proves that it is genuine product. This is not really a problem since the appearance of the products is similar to high-end products.

Prices of products on Vova

In terms of price, the Vova sales platform is very advantageous compared to its various competitors on the web. It offers very interesting prices for all the items it offers, which attracts buyers to this site.

By choosing Vova for your online purchases, you can not help but notice that most products are sold with a lot of discount, including half of its price on its release date.

It is obvious that this site can attract so many people for a very limited time. However, still concerning the price, it is very likely that the items sold on the Vova platform are counterfeits. Which would explain the fact that they are sold at such attractive prices. On the other hand, despite this, since these items look very much like genuine items, getting them at half price is an advantage.

Procedures to place an order on Vova

The procedures for ordering an item on the Vova platform are very simple.

  • Just go to the platform, enter the category of your choice through the menu bar and choose an item.
  • You will be redirected to a page that will give you all details about the item, including the product description, provenance, raw materials used and price.
  • To purchase the product in question, you must click on “buy”, then select the size and color of the item.
  • Then click on “Add to Cart” to confirm your choice to purchase the item.

Before launching a purchase, it is advisable to check all the items you later added to the basket.

  • To do this, you simply need to click on the shopping cart icon or on “view shopping cart”.
  • To add more items to your cart, click “Continue Shopping”.
  • Once you have added all the items you want to buy to the cart, you can proceed to the payment by clicking on “Cashier”.

For that, it is essential that you are registered on Vova. You can also use a Google Account or Facebook account to continue. Once connected, you must indicate your delivery address, the delivery method that suits you and the method of payment, in order to conclude the purchase. That done, you will only have to wait before receiving the goods.

Deliveries of articles by Vova

Regarding deliveries, an estimate of delivery time will be communicated to you when you finalize your order.

Most of the time, this time is estimated between two and three days depending on the destination. In addition, it was found that delivery delays are frequent with Vova. Some customers say that their order was delivered to them after one or two weeks.

This, in general, is tolerable as long as the items are delivered in good condition. As far as shipping costs are concerned, this is a point that makes a great advantage of the Vova online sales platform. Indeed, this last one offers all the deliveries of article in the whole world as well as the customs charges. Regarding the payment method, Vova accepts that customers invoice their items via PayPal or credit card.

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