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Wish Review
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Wish review : Wish is the mobile app of the moment, it’s one of the most download apps on the Appstore and the Play Store. For those who do not know Wish, it is an online sales application where you can find everything and anything. And like Aliexpress (see : Aliexpress Review), with very interesting prices. You can also find Wish on their website : Wish.com. Our article Wish Review is here to give you all the necessary information before ordering on this online store.

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One of the big pluses of Wish is that they accept payment through Paypal, unlike Aliexpress. And Paypal being very popular worldwide and synonymous with confidence, this is a big plus. Indeed the payment by Paypal is totally secured, you have nothing to fear when ordering on Wish.com !

In addition, Wish also accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. A payment method that is also secure and confidential. But unlike Paypal, you need to enter your CB details, which can hinder some people.

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First of all, you should know that, Wish is called a “Market-Place”. This means that Wish is just a platform where merchants post their products on the app in order to reach the audience that Wish knows. This explains why prices are so low. Because, like on Aliexpress, you buy directly from a supplier which is mostly chinese.

All this brings us back to the quality of chinese products. And unlike the a priori of many of us, almost everything is manufactured or assembled in China. Whether it’s quality products like an iPhone or fake imitations.

The only way to know if a product is of good quality on the sites is to check out the ratings and reviews posted by previous customers. This is a very good revealer, especially on a site like Wish that has more than 200 million users! So the products ordered thousands of times with positive feedback, you can order them with confidence. A badly rated or unrated product is an order at your own risk.


For most products, they are shipped from China, which usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive at your place. But more and more products on Wish Review are now available in European warehouses which will allow you to receive your products in a week.

On Wish all products have additional delivery charges and you have no choice. Most of the time they are just 1€, sometimes up to very high sums, it is the seller who decides. So always pay attention to the shipping costs on Wish as it adds up to every different product you buy. This sometimes makes Wish products slightly more expensive than on Aliexpress. For example this product : link, costs 16 € to which we must not forget to add the 7€ delivery.

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Where Wish is differentiated from these competitors, is in that they focused their development on mobile shopping via the application. But what made the success of Wish Review and allowed to retain its clientele are well-run marketing concepts.


As the name suggests Wish allows you to create a list of your future desires. Nothing very innovative, but very practical. Indeed, you can create different wish lists, for example one for a birthday, one for Christmas, a wedding, etc. And you can then share your wishlist with your friends via email or social networks. Which is a good practical idea.


Wish recovers the information it has, such as gender, your latest items viewed on the site. And all this in order to offer you a homepage with a selection of customized products, which are likely to interest you.

They get information about your profile, especially because you are required to register on Wish before you can view the products. Mobile version requires you to sign in with one click with your Facebook or Google+ account. Or create a new account by your email address.

A very fluid shopping experience that can be enjoyed by many consumers. However these practices can make them scare away some people who do not like giving personal information on the net.

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WISH REVIEW: After Sales Service

It is possible that one of your orders will be canceled for various reasons, Wish will refund the exact amount on the account used for the initial payment of the order. If you paid by Paypal, the refund will be made within 3 days, if you paid by credit card the refund will be done in 10 days maximum.

If a product does not suit you it is possible to return it within 30 days, for this you must follow the following steps. Go to your order history, select the item that is not suitable for you, then click on the button “customer service” or “contact support”. Then select the subject “return or exchange” and describe your problem concerning the product(s) in question. To contact Customer Service :  follow this link.

Wish customer service is committed to answering you within 72 hours. Please note that the refund is in the form of a credit note and that Wish does not reimburse the costs of return, customs fees, taxes, postage or VAT charges.

To sum up, the after-sales service is very professional and responsive enough. Which is not negligible.

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To conclude our opinion on Wish, this application has nothing to envy the giant Aliexpress for. Its concept focused on the mobile is one of the reasons for the success of Wish. This site is totally reliable, you can order safely via the mobile application or even better on the website : www.wish.com

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